Teach your baby to swim

Here at Eskeez, we’re especially aware how many of our friends and customers are parents themselves, just like our founder Karen. We like to promote an active lifestyle, so we thought we’d share with you some key information about getting your baby comfortable and safe in the water.

Many parents will agree it’s very important to get children used to being around water from a young age, so they’re not panicked if they ever fall in and being able to swim to the nearest solid object. But how do you get started?

What organised classes are available?

There are a number of services out there that offer quality classes for parent/baby swimming.Water Babies and Puddleducks are just two that can be found across the UK. The sessions focus on bonding between parent and baby, whilst teaching children important skills that may save their lives. Safety is of course paramount and the company makes sure each session is run by a fully qualified instructor. If you’re interested in finding your nearest class, check out their websites (Water Babies and Puddleducks).

Three simple rules to keep your baby safe around the water

Of course the number one rule is to be present with the child at all times - no matter how good a swimmer your little one is! Babies can drown in as little as one inch of water – so be within arm’s reach, and focused: put your phone away and pay close attention to what is going on.

The second rule relates to proximity… Being within arms-reach can give you vitally important seconds in case a baby topples into the water, or has an accident. But even more important is to learn some basic first aid such as CPR. Any adult responsible for children around water should learn these skills.

The third rule is simple. Teach your baby to swim! “Research shows that learning to swim can decrease the likelihood of drowning, even for kids as young as one.” Get them to a classes as early as you can.

Keep your baby warm

Of course we couldn’t finish an article about baby-swimming without mentioning our adorably cute mini-thermals. Our clothing is specially designed to wick away moisture from your babies skin, and to keep them nice and warm. The last thing you want after a session is for your little one to get a nasty cold, or worse!

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We hope you enjoyed this article. If you do take our advice and go swimming with your little one, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a post on our Facebook page or tweet us.

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