Baby Swim Retail Partnerships

Eskeez have a long and successful history with indoor and outdoor swimming clubs all over the world and we continue to build a profitable network of retailing opportunities. Wherever you are in the world we can offer you a fantastic outlet to build the Eskeez brand for your club members.

View our range of products that are perfect for the cold water.

Karen Jones - SwimBabes

"Eskeez super thermal tops for children are perfect for parents who place performance above other factors, ie brand names. Warm kids perform better, fend off colds and complain less!"


"Wish I'd known about these sooner!"

Paul Rutland

"The Water Babies Teachers love the warmth and snugness of the thermal tops , we have been using them for over 3 years now and they still look as good as new.

The mums love the kids thermal tops for swimming as they keep them so warm and cosy even in the cooler pools.

This is from our website: "Very good top, does keep our tiny baby warm when in the pool, as our teaching pool has been a little colder than normal lately, bring on the summer!"

Tom O'Donnell
Swimming Instructor

"I'm a Swimkidz swimming teacher and this product is simply awesome!... I no longer require a wetsuit as this provides more than enough warmth in the pool. And so much easier than a heavy wetsuit. 10/10!"

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