The Rising Cost of ‘Back to School’

With kids going back to school this week, you will have no doubt spent the last 2 weeks doing the stressful back-to-school shop.

This year it may have been even more stressful than before; compared to last year, the cost for sending children back to school has soared by 27% in just one year. It now costs on average £224.16 to send your child back to school compared to £177 in 2012. Most of this cost is on clothing - the children's uniform, shoes and sports kit. And given the unpredictable weather, you are now forced to buy sports gear for every possible climate.

Buy Quality that Lasts

But there is one way you can save during the winter months, and that is to buy thermal sportswear for your children. The benefits of this are vast: not only are they durable - meaning you won't have to replace them all year as you do with standard sports kit – but they also provide excellent value. Eskeez Thermals offer extraordinary thermal value, meaning that your little ones are not only warmer but happier, and most importantly, performing better as a result.

Thermals are ‘cool’!

What's more, thermal sportswear is fashionable. Any young football or rugby fan will have seen their heroes wearing the skin-tight clothing and will want to emulate them. It’s a win-win situation; your child is kept happy and comfortable, and you can be satisfied that your child is getting essential exercise whilst being protected from the elements.

Room to grow

The 27% increase in sending your child back to school makes it even more impressive that Eskeez children's base layers stretch, giving your child at least two years wear out of one garment; representing excellent value for money, and one less thing to think about when your child goes back to school!

If you want to keep your child warm and performing well, have a look at our shop. Great for football, rugby, cross country, hockey and more!

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