Ways to Stay Warm On Your Motorcycle This Winter

There are still some great dry and bright days throughout the winter season to justify a run out enjoying the roads. This will mean though that you have to protect yourself from the cold and the drastic wind chill. In order to beat the chill you will have to know how to protect yourself to make your riding much more enjoyable. Times have changed and textiles are improving all the time to ensure you are well insulated. We know a lot more now about how to keep warm than ever before, technology is well ahead of a decade ago and learning the art of staying warm can provide some great riding times ahead.

So, we 've come up with some reminders of how and why to stay warm...

  1. Beat The Wind Chill - If the wind gets into your gear it will rob you of your precious body heat. Don 't let it happen. If your riding gear is allowing this to occur, replace it with better gear that won 't. Lot 's of leather and textile sport gear that has elastic points at the inner knee and on the arms. Great for spring and summer, rubbish for cold days.
  2. Put On Your Rain Gear - One sure fire way to keep the wind out is to make sure you invest in a good set of waterproofs. Rain gear works as a wind stopper and does wonders for maintaining your core temperature.
  3. Dump Your Cotton - It 's our mantra and I 'd tell you to do the same thing if it were summer too. Cotton and wool base layers can get down right uncomfortably cold if it gets wet or retains the slightest amount of your body 's moisture. As natural fibres, they absorb moisture and don 't wick effectively, making you colder, wetter and smellier. Leave them at home. Cotton and motorcycle riding don 't mix well together. Dump your cotton socks, t-shirt, underwear, jeans and sweaters. You can keep your pants. That 's it.
  4. Get Some Synthetic Base Layers - Now that we 've dumped the cotton the question is what to wear. The answer is to get some base layer clothing made of synthetics. Most base layer clothing you can buy at an outdoor store is made for outdoor athletic activities such as skiing, playing football or hiking. The best thermal base layer systems have a polyester/elastane mix which allows the garments to sit close to the skin, picking up any moisture and expelling it allowing you to keep warm and
  5. Gloves - Spend as much as you can afford on these - you will never regret buying quality when the wind is licking over your extremities at 60mph with another 100 miles to go. If you need to retain heat longer consider using heated glove inserts or investing in a set of electrically heated gloves. Winter gloves you don 't want to give up, but you 'd like to shoot for a little more warmth? The issue with winter gloves is that unless they wick well, your hands will sweat in them and then get cold from being wet.
  6. Synthetic Socks - These don 't sound too attractive but you will get the best weight:warmth ratio from synthetic thermal socks, allowing you some room to move your toes within your boots. You shouldn 't be tempted to pack out your boots with tog value - your blood circulation will stop and you 'll be pulling your foot off with your boot at the end of the journey.
  7. Keep Your Core Warm - Complement your thermal base layer with a synthetic liner or heated vest if you have prolonged periods on the road.
  8. Watch your back - it never fails to astonish us that most brands have far too little coverage across the back area. You need a good length in the torso to cover your organs such as kidneys and bladder, tucking down inside your trousers to give you maximum coverage. Preferably your under trouser layer should have a high waist and sit comfortable across the waist, giving you double thickness thermal base layer protection on your motorcycle.
  9. Protect your neck - keep those draughts out with a high collar on your base layer under your jacket and complement it with a buff or thermal neckpiece that joins with your helmet.
  10. Eat Clever - Okay, so while we 're on the subject of keeping your core warm, what 's the most natural way to do it? By eating of course. Filling your system full of warming slow burning food turns on the digestive apparatus generating heat while it 's processing the food. If you 're cold on your ride it may be time to park and get a bite to eat and a rest (tiredness - another chiller). Remember your Grannies advice about a bowl of porridge on a winter morning - it 's as true today as it was then.

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