Open Water Warmer!

Do you recall the pain that gets to your extremities and limbs, shivering and blue from being too long in cool water? Even some pools have the effect of dropping your body temperature very quickly. The role of high performance clothing has moved on leaps and bounds in the last decade and we all have ways of making us faster and quicker - but, the solution to cheating the chill both in and out of the water has evaded most of us, until now.

Eskeez Super Thermal Base Layers are an outstanding complement to your swimwear. There is no other product in the market that gives you this special combination of warmth, comfort and performance.

Eskeez should be worn next to the skin and can be worn under a wetsuit if you wish, adding another approximate 4mm worth of thermal value to that combination. The fit of the garments mean they fit close to the body, helping to retain a comfortable core body temperature and will not restrict your movement in any way.

When leaving the water, you will notice your body temperature struggles to regulate and on occasions, the initial stages of hypothermia set in. It is important that the symptoms are recognised and managed to continue to enjoy this exciting and ever growing sport.


"As an English open water swimmer, I'm no stranger to cold- and as a wetsuit free winter swimmer warming up afterwards is a major consideration. Up to now, I've been togging up, layer on layer, which takes valuable hot chocolate drinking time. Trying out ESKEEZ kit today has been a revelation: quick and easy on, even with cold, numb fingers getting dressed on the beach; simple single base layer, I could put on normal clothes instead of the Michelin man effect and get on with warming up my insides!

And within an hour, for the first time, my hands warmed through. This normally takes hours to fully accomplish, so I am thrilled to find a solution. I feel even more confident to spend time in the water knowing I can warm up so quickly and effectively afterwards."

Beth French
Champion British open water swimmer
First British Woman to swim the Molokai channel


Offering excellent value, Eskeez can also be worn under your clothes in a huge spectrum of activities, meaning the whole family can be warm, whatever the temperature, whatever the conditions, Eskeez' highly efficient thermal underwear is specifically designed to give the best weight to warmth ratio available on the market, whilst giving them full range of motion, maintaining core body temperature and comfort whatever the conditions. These layers avoid the conflict of wrestling them into bulky winter coats and winter jackets that restrict play and movement whilst giving you peace of mind that you are well protected outdoors, whatever the weather.

Eskeez thermals are suitable for numerous activities, including wet sports such as surfing and sailing. The same base layer can be used for skiing, rugby, riding, hockey, surfing, school sports, cross country, football and netball to name just a few - the most versatile of clothes and fantastic value.

  • The fabric has a four way stretch that gives a full range of motion and stays in contact with your skin whatever their shape or size; Stretch seams complement the fabric’s construction and won’t chafe or rub whatever conditions are experienced;
  • Long in the gorse, Eskeez thermal underwear covers your back and bottom, giving comfort to those areas such as your back and kidneys which tell you all about it when the chill sets in;
  • The sports shorts and leggings / longjohns have a deep and comfortable waist band which stretches to the full limit of the fabric and won’t put undue pressure on the organs. across the back – they are also adjustable with a drawstring cord tied at the front so they won’t fall down when moving or stretching;
  • The ankle seams of the long john leggings do not ride up under trouser legs and stay put through the duration of wear under outdoor clothing;
  • The soft heat seal collar is comfortable and stretchy, pulling wide over the head before regaining its shape when worn and not causing any discomfort
  • Eskeez thermal base layer underwear is washed and dried with ease either by hand or at 40 degrees enabling you to wash and dry Eskeez every day should you wish, even when muddy and wet.

Despite Eskeez' thermal (wicking) performance, it’s exceptional breathing abilities mean that sweat and moisture is “wicked” away and evaporated before they can get uncomfortable.

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