3 New Sports To Try In 2022

The new year is a great time to take up a hobby, particularly one that is good for your health, as many of us pledge to improve our lifestyle with every year that passes. For those who want to try a new sport in 2022, here are some worth giving a go. 

  • Cold Water Swimming

  • Most of us learnt how to swim when we were children, but have you ever tried enjoying a few laps in fresh water?

    While you might wince at the idea at first, there are many health benefits to cold water swimming. According to IPRS Health, these include boosting immune systems, increasing endorphins for a natural high, improving circulation, raising libido, burning calories and reducing stress. It is also a great way to make new friends with other like-minded swimmers. 

    With the right swim leggings, you won’t notice the cold after a while! 

  • Quidditch

  • Quidditch might be a fictional sport from the Harry Potter books, but this imaginary pastime has become real, thanks to bookworms. While there are no flying broomsticks or a Golden Snitch, many of the elements from the game are still there, such as a broom that has to stay between the players’ legs at all times.

    So popular is Quidditch, it has become a recognised sport around the world, with teams competing against each other in local, regional, national and even international tournaments.

    • Bicycle Polo

    This game is much like the traditional game of polo, but instead of riding horses, you take part on bikes. As most people have bikes, this is a really accessible sport to try before enrolling in official leagues, such as the Cambridge Bike Polo or Manchester Hardcourt Bike Polo. 

    Similar to bike polo is unicycle hockey, for those who want to make the challenge even harder! 

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