5 Benefits Of Open Water Swimming

If you’ve been feeling constrained by the limitations in your local pool, you may have considered taking up open water or wild swimming. But making the transition from lido to lake has its own set of challenges and physically demanding conditions that can also make it exhilarating.

If you want to join the advocates of open water swimming, such as Linford Christie, who told The Independent that he finds it peaceful, then we have a look at the benefits gained from wild swimming.

There is a multitude of reasons to start wild swimming, from cardio endurance to total-body strength, so take a leap into the brisk waters and experience these five benefits for yourself:


Open Water Swimming Supercharges Your Immune System

Immersing yourself in cold water three times a week increases your white blood count, which in turn bolsters your immune system, according to researchers from the Czech Republic.


Open Water Swimming Boosts Your Mood

A brisk dip outside will boost domain and serotonin levels, boosting the production of these feel-good chemicals. A study in the BMJ reported an immediate improvement in mood following each swim and a gradual reduction in the symptoms of depression.


Open Water Swimming Relieves Stress


Wild swimming could be the remedy to a stressful day. In a global survey of 4,000 swimmers, 74 per cent said that water-based activities release stress and tension, and 70 per cent said it helped them feel mentally refreshed.


Open Water Swimming Burns Fat, Fast

When stem cells are exposed to cold temperatures, the formation of brown fat is promoted, according to research published in Nature journal Scientific Reports. Unlike white fat cells, brown fat cells boost your metabolism to help keep you warm and burn more energy in the process.


Open Water Swimming Provides Pain Relief

Coldwater therapy has been long used by athletes to help with post-workout muscle pain and recovery. A short, sharp plunge into icy waters can act as an alternative to pain killers, according to a study in the BMJ.


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