Essential Items For Cold Water Swimming

A growing number of people are taking full advantage of the invigorating effects of cold water swimming, and whilst the weather is slowly getting warmer, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy freezing and close to freezing swimming conditions.

The benefits of cold water swimming combine cold water therapy with the whole-body workout that swimming provides, but if you want to get started, it is important to prepare a few essentials for your cold swim.


Long Sleeve Swimsuit

When swimming at close to freezing temperatures, ensuring that your limbs and extremities remain at the correct temperature is exceptionally important.

There are a lot of choices in this regard, thankfully, including long-sleeved one-pieces, full wetsuits, swimming shirts, long swimming trunks and swim leggings.


Swimming Shoes

Not only are swimming shoes important for keeping your feet and toes warm, but they also protect the soles of your feet from the sea bed or bottom of the water.

Ideally, you will want shoes with some form of thermal layer that will keep you warm regardless of the water temperature.


Anti-Fog Goggles

When swimming in near-freezing conditions, it is also vitally important that you protect your eyes from the near-zero conditions, which necessitates the use of swimming goggles.

Goggles with anti-fog lenses can be particularly useful, as when you leave the freezing cold water, traditional lenses can begin to steam up once the warmer air hits them.


Thermal Flask

When you finish your swim it is essential to warm yourself up quickly, and the best tool in that regard is a thermal flask filled with your favourite hot beverage that warms your body up from the inside.


Waterproof Backpack

Make sure any bag you are using to carry your change of clothes, flask and other essential items is as waterproof as your wetsuit, particularly you plan on carrying cameras or electronics with you on your trip.

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