Make Warm Plans For The Outdoors In Autumn

Many outdoors lovers will be using August to make the most of the remaining weeks of summer, whether swimming in streams and lakes or putting their boots on and heading for the hills.

However, there is no escaping the reality that the nights are drawing in and autumn will soon be with us.

While some fair-weather types will be heading indoors and waiting for next spring to arrive, others will still be getting out and about, embracing the different scenes and challenges of walking amid the golden brown landscapes of autumn and the snows of winter.

To do so, the first thing anyone should do is make sure they have some outdoor thermal clothing to stay warm, whatever the weather.

This is particularly important because poor weather and difficult conditions can make it harder to get back to places of warmth and shelter, while extra thermal warmth will be invaluable in preventing hypothermia if you get into difficulties and need to wait for help. 

Secondly, you should make less ambitious plans than you would for summer. Long days make possible lengthier walks, so it’s worth saving more modest walks for autumn and winter. For instance, if you are working down a hill-bagging tick list, go for smaller ones. The Wainwrights, for example, includes 87 fells below 2,000 ft in height.

If you are planning some more ambitious winter walking, you may need crampons for snow and to be aware of the avalanche risk in places. The Scottish Avalanche Information Service is an invaluable guide you should use to assess the risk before you set out.

As ever, you will need good navigation skills with a map and compass, as well as the awareness that a place you have visited in summer may look very different in wintry weather.

However, with good preparation and the right clothing, you can plan some great days in the outdoors over autumn and winter, ensuring you stay fit and fresh ready for the longer days out when next summer comes along.

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