The Most Effective Ways To Warm Up After Swimming

There are few ways to feel more at peace and more relaxed than swimming peacefully in open water.

However, regulating your body heat is absolutely vital after cold water and sea swimming, as major temperature drops and swings can be very unpleasant.

Worse than this, there is a risk of hypothermia if your body temperature is not carefully regulated.

Ensuring you warm up carefully and gradually after swimming is therefore key, and these are some of the best ways to heat up your core after a cold water swimming session.


Wear Warm Layers

Putting on outdoor thermal clothing layers once you get out of the water is a more effective way of keeping yourself warm than immediately reaching for a hot shower.

This can include a thermal changing robe, a pair of socks or the classic combination of a fleece top and sweat pants are highly effective ways to trap and retain heat.


Put On A Hat

Whilst the idea that you lose the majority of your body heat through your head is false, your head is the most temperature-sensitive part of your body, so if your head feels cold the rest of your body likely will as well.

Putting on a hat will keep your head snug and warm, helping you to feel warmer quicker.


Don’t Forget A Thermos

Bring an insulated drinks bottle filled with a hot drink you love, and slowly sip it once you leave the water. Whether you prefer a hot coffee or hot chocolate, warm drinks will help to warm you up internally and make you feel warmer as you relax in your thermals.

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