Tips For Hiking Safely In The Rain

If you love the great outdoors, you will know that sometimes you are going to get pretty wet! In the unpredictable British weather, there can’t be many hikers who haven’t been caught out once or twice by a sharp shower. However, with the right gear, even a lousy forecast needn’t put you off from enjoying a day of exercise and fresh air.

Here are some top tips to get out and about safely, whatever the weather.


Choose a suitable route

If the forecast is for heavy rain and/or fog, then heading out onto an unknown route may be a bad idea. This is particularly true in upland areas, where mists can descend very quickly, and disorientate even the most experienced of map readers.

Steep paths are also likely to become slippery and treacherous in bad conditions. Ideally, in these circumstances you want to choose a familiar flat route to minimise the risk of losing your way, or falling.


Wear the right gear

The right gear will mean the difference between a comfortable and enjoyable walk, and a miserable cold trek. A base layer of clothing is recommended, with moisture wicking properties to keep you warm and dry. Leggings and a long sleeve top in a lightweight and breathable fabric are ideal for colder conditions.

A middle layer which you can remove if necessary, such as a fleece or wool sweater, can be worn over the base layer. A waterproof jacket, with fully taped seams and ventilation meshes in the lining, will be essential to keep you dry.

Other essential kit includes sturdy walking boots with rubber soles, and a hat, gloves, and neck warmer. Also remember to line your rucksack with a plastic bag, to prevent the contents from becoming soaked through. If you hike often in bad weather, you could consider buying a fully waterproofed backpack.


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