Top Reasons To Start Swimming More This Autumn

Summer may be over, but that is no reason to stop swimming outside.

Whilst you may have to pair your swimming costume with some thermal swim socks as the weather gets colder, there are a considerable number of health benefits that come with regularly taking to the waters.

Here are the biggest reasons to swim more this Autumn.


An All-Over Workout

Many exercise regimens involve training specific parts of your body, such as squats for knee and leg muscles, weights for arms and running for legs and overall cardio.

However, swimming is a low impact, all-over workout that is highly effective at boosting lung capacity and lung strength but can also train your core, upper body, lats, middle back muscles and triceps.


Boost Immune System

Swimming in cold water has been connected to greater white blood cell counts, boosting the body’s immune system.

This is, in no small part because the body is forced to react to a change in environmental conditions, and the more the body does something the better it gets at it.


Boost Circulation

Coldwater conditions force blood to reach the surface of your skin and push the cold downwards, which trains and strengthens our circulatory system and helps us adapt to cold conditions.

As a consequence of this, the heart pumps faster and this can also lead to you burning more calories whilst swimming in cold water conditions, and both of these elements make cold water swimming a particularly effective way to help people who suffer from weak circulatory systems to slowly build them up.


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