Top Tips For Winter Motorcycling

The shorter hours of sunlight, a sudden drop in temperatures, and inclement weather are sure signs of the coming of winter. For bikers, its not the most pleasant riding environment, and while some may put their motorcycles away for the winter months, not everyone, commuters, for instance, have the same luxury.

There are many ways to ensure you keep safe and warm while biking in winter, from getting support from dedicated biker clubs, adjusting your riding style to suit the weather, and getting wrapped up warm to beat the cold.

With a little preparation and the right kit, biking in winter can be almost as comfortable as it was only a month or two ago.


Winter motorcycle clothing

Without decent winter riding kit, you will suffer this winter. Not only will being cold, wet, and numb be unpleasant, it will also distract you, reduce reaction times, and you will risk not being in full control of your bike.

It is important to buy the best kit you can afford. For winter ditch the leathers, as textile jackets and trousers are more effective at keeping you dry and unsalted. Look for clothing that has a thick, warm lining, and keep an eye out for any technical materials that help fend off rain and spray from the road. A Gore-Tex membrane is always a good bet.

Similarly, you will want waterproof boots and gloves with a warm lining that will help keep your hands and feet insulated from the cold and the rain.

Underneath all your waterproof layers, it is essential to wear base layers that will help keep you warm. Thermals and base layers are comfortable and will help trap heat and provide an extra level of defence from the child in the air as your ride.

Always make sure you are wearing hi-vis clothing so that you are easily spotted by other road users, and ride safe and aware of all the potential hazards that the winter biking season can bring.

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