Wild Swimmers Warned To Stay Away From Harbours

Wild swimmers are being urged to ensure they are visible in the water and to stay away from harbours and boats, as harbour bosses claim there has been a significant increase in wild swimming in harbours around Cornwall.

Planet Radio reports that the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has offered safety advice to open water swimmers, which includes staying visible, swimming with a float, keeping a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch and staying away from boats and ships following reports of people getting dangerously close to sea vessels in recent months.

Loïc Rich, the chairman of the Cornwall Harbours Board, said there was potential for very serious injury, as problems can occur when swimmers cannot be seen by other water users.

Newquay and St Ives harbour master Michael Ridgway said that harbours are seen as safe places to swim during periods of poor weather, but he wanted that even moored vessels can move unexpectedly during these times, and should be kept well clear of.

With lifeguard cover on Cornwalls beaches finished for the season, the RNLI has offered safety tips for wild swimmers.

Lifeguard cover on beaches in Cornwall has finished for the season.

Make sure you acclimatise to cold water slowly as this will reduce the risk of cold water shock and always swim parallel to the shore, said Joel Ninnes, the RNLI Water Safety Officer for the South West.

If you feel cold and start to shiver, get out of the water and warm yourself up.

RNLI tips for wild swimmers:

Practice floating in a swimming pool

Try swimming in a straight line in the sea

Improve your swimming technique

Find an organised club to try open water swimming

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