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Today’s episode of Ski Wear for Kids is inspired by my nephews and nieces Luca, Finn, Oscar, Anna, Molly and Chiara who were skiing in Austria earlier this month.

I wish I could be as fearless on the slopes as them (there’s no helping my technique at this stage) so instead I’m sticking to looking good on the slopes, catching up with friends over gluwein and participating in the après ski shenanigans.

I don’t know much about this subject as children’s wear is not a specialty, so I turned to my sister Carmel, who is an expert in the field.

Firstly, Carmel highly recommends Eskeez’ base layers (for tops, shorts and trousers) for her kids ski essentials. Eskeez use very fine wicking fleece-lined material which is used base layer for under a snow suit. The great thing about these base layers is that you can double-up on their use and wear under rugby or football shirts during winter.

Considering the floods and other wet weather extremities of late, you might also want to check out check out Puddleducks, an Irish company who specialise in Waterproof Dungarees from Sweden, waterproof clothing, fleeces and rain gear children up to 14 years old (and, if you want to join them, waterproofs for adults too).

Carmel also swears by Lizzie Shirt for multicolour fleeces which are very thick and wear fantastically well, survive 2-3 years washing and look great to boot! While not appropriate for the actual slopes, these are fantastic quality to wear around the ski resort. Lizzie Shirt can be mail ordered to Ireland too.

If you like the Yummy Mummy style similar to Avoca, you’ll love the children’s winter clothes from Joules. Their style is not unlike that of Boden and they do a winter and summer junior range. Again, Joules is very hardwearing and excellent quality for sweatshirts and rugby shirts. All Joules shops sell online and post to Ireland.

Boden sell a winter fur- lined fleecy winter coat with fleece lining for girls which has detachable arms and hood so can be used as ski jacket and then as a gillet in spring. It’s out of stock now but will be in range next year.

Aldi sells decent budget ski-wear in children’s sizes in January. There’s no point in shelling out hundreds when junior is going to grow out of the jacket in 12 months time ( in which case, you should forget everything you read above, but it’s my savvy tip for the day).

For junior skiers, it is always worth swapping ski suits with friends and relatives, as they grow out of stuff so fast it is sensible to share the expense with others.

And finally, not to forget that the most important ski accessory is the skiing helmet. Most resorts provide them for children but in Europe they are not yet mandatory (unlike in the US).

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