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Eskeez is a new British company that makes affordable lightweight thermal base layers for use in winter sport. The range includes long-sleeve tops, hats, leggings and shorts which are all made from a fabric developed for the most extreme conditions.

Mother-of-three Karen Robinson from Barnstaple, North Devon came up with the idea for Eskeez after watching her sons Alastair, 10, and Archie, seven, playing rugby on a cold November day.

“It struck me that my boys and the rest of them on the field that day really needed something warm but 'cool' to wear under their kit," she said. "Even the children in designer base layers still seemed cold. That’s when I planned Eskeez, a range of high quality base layers, providing exceptional warmth and comfort without bulk.”

The clothing has a tight brush fleece on the inside and smooth slip knit on the outside. Yarns are coated with a durable water repellent so the clothing dries quickly. Prices for a long sleeved top start at just £25.

Over the past year Karen has taken orders for Eskeez from her children’s friends and now from their parents too. She has now launched an online shop.

“Eskeez really is an ideal solution for anybody who enjoys sport but doesn’t enjoy getting chilly in the winter," she said. "The base layers work incredibly well for children and for adults; cyclists, riders, skiers, sailors and even for people like me who just love to be snug and warm when the weather turns colder.”

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