Eskeez on - Golf Fashion: Winter Warmers

Originally made popular by Scandinavian players retaining warmth in European autumn competitions while exposing their colourful fashion styles, closing-fitting base-layers have become a recognised part of club golfers' clothing.

UK based manufacturers Eskeez have designed a new clothing range to take the chill away from children and adults playing sport in the winter months. The lightweight thermal base-layer includes long sleeve tops, hats, leggings and shorts which are all made from a fabric developed for extreme conditions.

These layers are perfect for golf as they give full range of motion whilst proving the best in thermal performance without bulk.

Made from tight brush fleece on the inside and smooth slip knit on the outside, they even provide a first layer of extra warmth under wetsuits.

Prices for a long-sleeved top start at £25 and are available online from

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