Will McKean & Eskeez

"I have been lucky enough to be involved with Eskeez thermals for a number of years and the products that they produce have had to adapt to my change in lifestyle and everything i do. I have been blown away with the versatility of the clothing and it effectiveness in a wide range of conditions. My first experience of the clothing was when I needed thermals for my trips out to Las Vegas power kiting. Now I know you are all probably thinking 'thats a pretty hot place to be needing thermals' but my god does it get cold at night with those clear skies. Eskeez made sure i was comfortable, whether I was actively out buggying the dry lake beds late into the night, or looking for some warmth, hunkering down in my tent for the night. Superb! This lead me to start using the clothing for so many other activities. Surfing, walking, running, its just been so great!

Working for Land Rover takes me all over the world and being such an iconic company with its DNA and history firmly with capability in all conditions at heart, we often find ourselves in these testing conditions. Eskeez has been faultless with what I've asked of it. I have used the clothing to keep me warm during 3 day expedition competitions, testing products in -25 degree conditions in Sweden, cold clear nights of the Dubai desert and most recently in the French Alps. The clothing's characteristics of being fast drying, rugged and incredibly warm when worn either wet or dry has made them perfect for all that I do. Eskeez... I cant thank you enough!"

Eskeez thermal tops have offered comfort, warm and practicality in a number of challenging conditions. Their quick drying character, smart yet rugged design means they have been perfect for not only my recreational life, but also work. 

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