Gary's Rock Solid 10km Race In Exeter

The course was a mixture of obstacles of which around 40% were either water or mud based challenges, the worst of which were swimming through deep mud pools having to submerge under the surface to reach the other side and the 50 metre water slide which dumped me into the sub zero lake in the middle of Escot Park estate (we estimate the water temperature at -5).

The Eskeez clothing coped with all the challenges thrown at it and even though it was impossible to get any proper time to let it dry between the obstacles it still managed to keep my core temperature stable most of the time , the constant obstacles kept it caked in mud however on the run sections it had a chance to dry out the material and wick the water away from the inner layer.

This was a course which has more mud and water obstacles than most extreme races and it certainly coped well with the conditions, at the end of the race I felt better than I had compared to my previous  2 years that  I had competed the course and compared to my team mates I certainly seemed to be the freshest at the end ...they had all commented that it was the coldest the race has ever been although I can honestly say that it was not the case for me!

Once the kit was removed it did have a lot of weight in it due to the mud but over a 2 hour race it faired  better than I expected , once that kit had been washed and dried it was back to normal after a quick dry on the washing line.

Overall I would give it 8/10 as I doubt whether any technical equipment could have coped any better with the tough conditions , we have further races planned and I will be cycling more over the next few months so I will be able to see a different side to its uses on a normal basis.

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