Equipepper - Eskeez Super Thermal Base Layer Review

I was recently sent the ladies Super Thermal Base Layer in white from Eskeez to review. You may have seen from previous posts that I have become a bit thermal base layer obsessed! So I was more than happy to put this thermal through its paces.

Proud to be British

Eskeez thermals are designed and made in the UK. They used the British unpredictable weather as inspiration for these thermals, which should mean they are perfect for us Britain based riders!

Amazing in the wet!

Due to how thermals work, they really struggle in wet conditions. For example, cotton is often used in to wick sweat and other moisture away from your skin. However, once the cotton is wet, it cannot do this anymore.

However, Eskeez is proud to say that the fabric in their thermals will continue to wick away moisture if you become sweaty or even get caught in a downpour! I haven’t fancied pouring a bucket of water over myself in these conditions to test this downpour theory for you! But I can say it works incredibly well at wicking sweat away.

It is also suitable for use under a wetsuit in water sports which makes me think it could come in handy on the hunt field in case you take a dunk in icy water this winter!

super thermal base layer

How have I gotten on?

I love the Super Thermal Base Layer! I think because I have the white one, I suddenly feel very professional wearing it! It’s incredibly smart looking and looks fantastic with breeches and a gilet!

But not only does it look good, but it is so incredibly comfortable. It’s close fitting but is in no way restrictive. It’s also quite long, which I like as it doesn’t ride up as much and when I’m layering up I can have it covering my bum and tuck it in place for extra warmth!

It has also stood the test of the unpredictable British weather it was designed for! I have worn it on 4 degrees mornings to 22 degrees afternoons! (Okay who am I kidding, some lazy weekends I did just wear it all day!) It keeps me warm on the could days and despite getting quite sweaty on the warmer days, I don’t feel like I have gotten sweaty at all.

back on board! super thermal base layer

The Verdict

Over all, I think this is another fantastic base layer and I am so thankful to have it as part of my winter wardrobe! It is a tad pricey, £54.99, but it is worth every penny. Like I have said when reviewing some of my other more pricey thermals this year, that extra £20 really makes a big difference to the quality of the product! This thermal is also available for men and children and in black, albeit with a slightly different style. So instead of my partner trying to steal it when he thinks I’m not looking, he can have is very own!

I can really recommend this base layer for anyone looking for a bit of extra warmth this winter. I am also currently eyeing up their thermal leggings wondering how they would work under breeches.

super thermal base layer


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