Testimonial On Facebook - John Myatt

**** ESKEEZ ****

In my opinion the best in class base layers for cold, wet, summer, winter and for all age groups. Very durable and can be used for a cross section of activities.

Need I say more, fantastic thermal warmth and a special fabric weave which enhances the wicking away effect when the body/ material is wet. You can wear Eskeez clothes in the water which will help maintain body warmth, great for young and old.
The material is very durable, I've had the same base layers for many seasons and they pack down well in my tow float on long swims. This gives me the option to get out at any point, without a towel, knowing I will still be warm and that the layers will dry quickly.

Just look at the range of products, I'm not getting any commission for posting, I just believe they are the best in class out there and I feel the need to share especially at a time when many businesses are struggling.

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