Keeping Children Warm On The Rugby Field

Parents, coaches, schools and clubs need your help to ensure your young players keep warm and enjoy their kids rugby, ensuring they get the best start to the game and enjoy maximum success.

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Whilst we have been blessed with perhaps the mildest start to a rugby season for many years, the conditions last weekend and forecast for the next month are a rude reminder to us all to ensure our players have the appropriate clothing to stay warm and safe to enjoy their rugby. Choose the right children's rugby clothes for a happy winter season.

Cold children are just as susceptible to injuries and muscle strain as adults. Please ensure they warm up and stretch effectively and keep their core muscle groups covered to ensure they are kept as safe and comfortable as possible.

Carers please remember it is easier to take a layer off if a player gets too warm - if they cool down it can always be put back on. The key to a successful children's rugby season is keeping them (and you!) warm and injury free. Please ensure that your child or those you are responsible for have access to the following:

Thermal base layer thermal underwear - essential for these cold winter mornings. A thermal long sleeved top which is cut long in the torso will eliminate drafts coming down and under their kids rugby shirts and protect their back and organs from chills. Choose a synthetic fibre NOT a cotton or wool layer to wear next to their skin under their kids rugby clothes. Natural fibres do not wick away moisture effectively and rarely have the shape retention that ensures a close fit, allowing the fabric to do its job. A close fit also ensures the base layer will not interfere with your children's rugby shirt.

Leggings / long johns / thermal base layer trousers - whilst these are normally reserved for training, not matches, on really cold days they really do help. The thermal leggings can be worn under rugby shorts quite comfortably next to the skin without interfering with play or their outer layers of rugby clothes.

Thermal sports shorts / sports under shorts - an extra layer under boys rugby shorts keep their main muscle groups warm and stop any drafts that will drastically reduce the core body temperature. We have all seen children tearfully standing frozen stiff on the rugby field - make sure yours isn't one of them. A neat high waist which won't ride down during play is essential.

Thermal beanie hat - handy for warm-ups, cool downs and half time. If you choose a highly thermal, single layer hat, then it can be worn under a scrum helmet for extra thermal value on the pitch.

Thermal Glovesrugby mitts really help those cold wet hands hold onto the ball. A pair of thermal gloves for half time and afterwards is really handy.

Wind proof jacket - a windproof, waterproof top layer is the best way to complement your child's existing thermal base layers after the game and at half time. It will help with heat retention and stop the wind dropping their core temperature to dangerous levels.

Warm drink - a favourite is a flask of hot weak blackcurrent or hot chocolate (other brands available!) no only does it re-hydrate but warms them through.

Warm Nutritious Meals - just like an army, a rugby team marches on its stomach. Your child is much more likely to be warmer and perform better after a breakfast of fruit and porridge and milk than a bowl of cold chocolate and sugar cereal.

Dry clothes for afterwards.
Parents / carers - feel free to follow the same advice - we all know how cold it can be standing pm the sidelines hour after hour. A really good pair of thermal socks under your wellies or thermal boots won't hurt either.

Eskeez Super Thermal Base Layers were devised originally to keep children warm whilst playing outdoor winter sports. They offer outstanding thermal value in cold conditions. We have sizes to fit all the family from 12 months old to a 50" chest size. All Eskeez garments are unisex.>

Such is their versatility that you can use the same garments to keep all the family warm for whatever you choose to do outdoors in cold temperatures such as skiing, camping, riding, golfing, cycling, motor biking or walking. As Eskeez thermal underwear keeps working even when wet, you can also wear them under wetsuits.

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