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Increased warmth.
Quicker post-swim recovery.
More time in the water. 



Welcome to Eskeez - the UK manufactured brand of superior thermal base layer clothing. Worn in or out of the water, Eskeez resolves the issue of keeping or getting warm. 

Worn under a wetsuit, Eskeez adds 4-5mm of insulative value whilst not restricting your movement in any way. A 4-way stretch and soft construction ensures an excellent fit and constant thermal comfort whatever the conditions. 

Long in the torso and cut for flexibility and comfort, Eskeez thermals will cover your back and cut any drafts to keep you protected. 

To acclimatise after a swim, wear Eskeez next to your skin and enjoy much improved recovery times. The stretch and construction of the fabric means they're easy to get on even when you're semi-wet and struggling to move your fingers ..... or even think straight. The perfect compliment to your outer layers in extreme temperatures or can be worn alone whilst you enjoy that well earned hot chocolate. 

If you spend a lot of time in pool conditions, Eskeez can ensure the chill doesn't set into your back and shoulders meaning you can spend a longer, more comfortable time in the water. Eskeez transform swimming teaching conditions for baby, guardians and swim teachers. 

Available in long sleeved tops, leggings, hats, socks and shorts, Eskeez have the solution to taking the pain out of cool conditions. 

Don't take out word for it - see what our valued customers and partners have to say:

Beth French - Open Water Swimming Champion 

"I swear by Eskeez thermals as they are designed to cope with water and I found on my Scilly challenges that they dont feel wet on the 5th and 6th changeover."

Sanchia Reed - Swim Coach 

"Eskeez has been an absolute godsend, we are telling as many people as possible how great they are!"

Karen Jones - SwimBabes

"Eskeez super thermal tops for children are perfect for parents who place performance above other factors, ie brand names. Warm kids perform better, fend off colds and complain less!"


"Wish I'd known about these sooner!"

Pauline Barker - Chair of GB Ice Swimming Association

"Eskeez kit scores very highly on the snuggle factor  - it's like pulling on a comfort blanket. There's an Oooh factor as it's very soft and the length of the top covers all the important little places. My previous base layer was not as close fitting or thick as this and that makes all the difference."

Larisa Green - Scilly Swim

"The thermal top and hat I wore straight after each swimming, the warmth was a magical !!! I have recommend to my other swimmers about your Eskeez Emoji It was unbelievable warmth. It doesn't need other layer if I need it. Five stars*****"

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