Skiing with Babies

As a child, do you remember your parents insisting you wore some baggy thermal vest, long johns and itchy home made jumpers when the temperature dropped? Things have moved on a bit since then, mercifully, but it's now getting more and more confusing abut what to dress your children in when they play outdoors in the winter or when they're so small that they are relying on their clothing as the sole source of thermal protection. 

Wen we first have a family, it is always a learning curve to get the right equipment and clothing so that they can join us in what we love to do, hopefully getting them to a stage where they love it too. This usually involves spending a fortune on the latest high tech carrying/protective/trendy brands which supposedly enhance our lifestyle choices......but what to choose?

Eskeez is a simple decision. Each garment can be worn for a period of 2-3 years per child for everything they choose to do outdoors, making the cost per wear deminimous. There is no argument getting small children into Eskeez children's thermals - the stretch and softness mean there is no discomfort and they are free to crawl and toddle and ski to their hearts content without the need for bulky layers. 

It is important to get small children's co-operation when dressing them for cold weather as you can bet that the layers will be off the second your back is turned defeating the object of the exercise and wasting your money to boot.

Eskeez Super Thermal Base Layers are an outstanding complement to your children's outdoor clothing. There is no other product in the market that gives you this special combination of warmth, comfort and performance. And, happy warm children means happy parents!

This highly efficient thermal underwear is specifically designed to give children the best weight to warmth ratio available on the market, whilst giving them full range of motion, maintaining core body temperature and comfort whatever the conditions. These layers avoid the conflict of wrestling them into bulky winter coats and winter jackets that restrict their play whilst giving you peace of mind that they are well protected outdoors, whatever the weather.

• The fabric has a four way stretch that gives a full range of motion and stays in contact with your skin whatever their shape or size; Stretch seams complement the fabric’s construction and won’t chafe or rub whatever conditions are experienced;

• The sports shorts and leggings / long johns have a deep and comfortable waist band which stretches to the full limit of the fabric and won’t put undue pressure on the organs.  across the back – they are also adjustable with a drawstring cord tied at the front so they won’t fall down when moving or stretching;

• The ankle seams of the long john leggings do not ride up under trouser legs and stay put through the duration of wear under outdoor clothing;

• The soft heat seal collar is comfortable and stretchy, pulling wide over the head before regaining its shape when worn and not causing any discomfort to the fussiest of children;

• Eskeez thermal base layer underwear is washed and dried with ease either by hand or at 40 degrees enabling you to wash and dry Eskeez every day should you wish, even when muddy and wet. 

Despite Eskeez’ thermal (wicking) performance, it’s exceptional breathing abilities mean that sweat and moisture is “wicked” away and evaporated before they can get uncomfortable.

The special nature of the fabric gives you the benefit of knowing your children are staying warm even if they are let down by their winter wear and get wet. These thermals are suitable for numerous activities, even wet sports such as surfing, horse riding and sailing. The same base layer can be used for skiing, rugby, hockey, surfing, school sports, cross country, football and netball to name just a few - the most versatile of clothes.

You can make the best out of your girls clothing by wearing Eskeez thermal underwear underneath allows them to enjoy the pretty or fashionable outer layers they like whilst you know they are well protected against the elements.

And, when you are tired of freezing to death watching your charge running about, you can buy one or two for yourself! 

Eskeez are available in sizes from 24” chest (12-18 months) upwards up to an adult 54" chest.

Our thermal underwear is made in the UK by skilled and experienced seamstresses in the West Country.