Wind Sports Thermals, Staying Warm and Testimonials

Extreme sports require, high performance, technical fabrics that are up to the job - that's why Eskeez is the base layer of choice for top competitors. Hear what just two have to say about their Eskeez experience:

Blake Pelton has made flying kites his life for over 25 years. A world renowned expert flier and designer, he has travelled the planet as an invited guest to kite events in Kuwait, Japan, England, Puerto Rico, Quebec, Mexico and many other corners of the earth! He has extensive experience n designing many different styles of kites including kiteboarding kites, sport kites and single lines of all shapes and sizes.


"The uses for snow kiting are obvious. But for paragliding (a much larger market), we are constantly looking for light weight, breathable, moisture wicking apparel. Generally, at launch, we are in warm air and piling on tons of clothes just makes us sweat. After taking off and hooking into a thermal that takes us above 4,000m the air is FREEZING. When strapped into a paraglider harness and piloting our wings in rough conditions, it's impossible to add/remove layers as we pass through different levels of atmospheric temperature.

A thin, light weight, moisture wicking fabric that keeps us dry on the ground and warm when we're up high would be spectacular. I took my Eskeez thermal base layer top paragliding for the first time on Saturday. After an hour hike up the mountain in very warm weather, I was sweating heavily on launch. Generally this is where I dread bundling up for the flight. Instead, I just put on my Eskeez top. Immediately, I felt dry and comfortable. Since it was warm, I decided to just wear the top without any outer layer. Shortly after launch, I found some thermals that took me above 14,000 ft into freezing air. Usually, this is where I get VERY cold because I'm still sweaty from the hike and running off the mountain.; Instead, I was warm and dry!

The material this is made from really is amazing. It did an excellent job of keeping the wind off of me, yet, I didn't feel that I was wrapped in a plastic bag. LOVED IT! I was so comfortable, that I could focus purely on flying.; The conditions were perfect and I was able to stay high. I ended up landing at a Renaissance Festival 30 miles up the valley, setting the new distance record to the North from our local site!!!"

Blake Pelton
US Paragliding Champion
Colorado Springs, USA


"As for Eskeez.... WOW is all we can say. As we expected, the temperatures dropped down to 4 degrees some nights and those thermal layers were AMAZING! We all ended up wearing them most nights. Not just while riding but just to keep warm in the evenings. So we all cant talk highly enough of them."

Will McKean
Flexifoil Team Rider


Eskeez Base Layers are an outstanding complement to your windproof or waterproof outer layers. There is no other product range in the market that gives you this special combination of warmth, comfort and performance.

These super thermal base layer thermal underwear products are specifically designed to give you the best weight to warmth ratio available on the market, whilst giving you full range of motion and staying put under your outer clothing, maintaining warmth and comfort whatever the conditions.

There are many features of Eskeez that make your wind sports a much more enjoyable experience:

  • The sleeves are full length and neat at the cuff to avoid riding up under your other clothing;
  • The length of the torso covers your back, bladder and kidneys and protects you from draughts that dramatically reduce your body temperature;
  • The fabric has a four way stretch that gives you a full range of motion and stays in contact with your skin whatever your shape or size; Stretch seams complement the fabric's construction and won't chafe or rub whatever conditions you are experiencing;
  • The sports shorts and leggings have a deep and comfortable waist band which stretches to the full limit of the fabric and won';t put undue pressure on the organs across your back – they are also adjustable with a drawstring cord tied at the front so they won't fall down when you move or stretch forward;
  • The ankle seams do not ride up under your trouser leg and stay put through the duration of wear,
  • The soft heat seal collar sits neatly under the collar of your jacket, stopping drafts and water as they try to creep down your neck;
  • These motorcycle base layers are washed and dried with ease either by hand or at 40 degrees enabling you to wear your Eskeez every day should you wish.

Despite Eskeez' thermal performance, it's exceptional breathing abilities mean that your body moisture is "wicked" away and evaporated before you can get uncomfortable. Each Eskeez garment is Scotchgarded to aid water repellency.

The special nature of the fabric gives you the benefit of staying warm even if you are let down by your outer layers and get wet. This special feature of the fabric means that you can use the layers for many other activities, even wet sports such as kite surfing, snow bugging, snow kiting and sailing.

The Eskeez thermal base layers mean you can enjoy your wind sports for a longer season, leaving you to get on and enjoy the ride.